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The Trumpenfuror: America Goes Gaga For Fascism

So here we are, 24 hours since some 120 million American people voted and, as can be viewed in my previous posts, my dire warnings notwithstanding, the Presidential Horserace finished with the result that I suspected since the conventions: Plantar Fascist was the winner over Hillarious by a neck.

Donald J. Trump, the up to his eyeballs in debt, “billionaire” income tax avoider, is now the 45th President of the United States of America.

Fear and loathing does not adequately describe the mood of the populace at this point in time. I’d say the more appropriate depiction is one of part desperation, part euphoria, part confusion, with some fear and loathing thrown in for good measure.

I do think that 11/9 will go down in history as a day to mark the cataclysmic shift to the “alt-right” which I think of as the “control-alt-delete” in that they want to turn off all progress, they want to shut down any sort of tolerance – they want to reboot by getting “their jobs” back, they want Mexicans and the Muslims out of America, they want to rub the elites’ and celebrities’ faces into the piss-soaked Nerf ball that is their dogma.

They want everybody who wasn’t a part of their redneck revolution to shit themselves instead of stand up to them when they commit acts of bigotry.

They want to live in some delusion of what they perceive the past was.

The alt-right is just American neo-nazis normalized, and these shitbags feel emboldened to physically confront anyone that they judge wasn’t a supporter of their leader, the Trumpenfuror, who refuses to condemn the attacks of the last 24 hours being levied in his name, nor does he condemn the KKK parades today celebrating his victory.

The first thing that must be understood here is, America has taken a turn toward the fascist. It doesn’t mean we’re all the way there yet, but the legal framework and foundation are set for political opponents to be incarcerated.

The second thing that must be understood here is, blame can be cast in a million directions, but whoever’s ultimately responsible is nearly irrelevant because our future is either 4 years under an insecure authoritarian; or, if he’s impeached, some portion of that under a truly skeevy reactionary who’s claim to fame is wanting to enact legislation forcing women who’ve had abortions to attend a “funeral” for the aborted fetus.

Wages have gone nowhere for 20 years. The one percent have gotten that much more one percenty, otherwise, the economy has pretty much sucked. Did Team HRC realize that when Lady Gaga and Jay Z were doing concerts at her rallies? Meanwhile, black people are getting gunned down by cops, some of them shot right in the back, and no one goes to jail when the courts hear the case. Citizens United makes the buying of candidates and bribery perfectly legal. The Patriot Act states that anyone ACCUSED of being a terrorist can be locked up, indefinitely, without access to an attorney, as an enemy combatant.

And now there’s a full-on candyass insecure narcissist who needs to be the lead of every single news cycle, who lives in a gold tower, who acts as if he’s going to help us all out by doing us the favor of being our President.

Believe him. He’s going to do great. Just ask him.

As Chuck D said, we gotta fight the powers that be.

However, if I act as an enemy combatant to all this WINNING, will it matter?

I guess it’s time to find out.

This Trump thing is mystery meat. The question is: is it turkey bologna? Filet mignon? Chicken sausage? Dried tiger blood sausage? Spam?

I think it’s moldy Mussolini-style mortadella, and I think we may get sick from it.

Good luck to us all.

Presidential Horserace Update: “Have You Ever Heard Such Innnocent Prattle?”

With roughly two weeks to go until the 45th President of the United States is voted for and Decision 2016 mercifully (hopefully) concludes on November 8, I would like to commit something to the record, for all posterity.

I voted for Hillary Clinton. Scratch that. I voted early for Hillary Clinton.


This election has gone completely sideways, but I voted, and I voted the only way my conscience could allow.

And the only reason I voted for her was because I felt a moral imperative to vote against Donald Trump.

Due to collusion by the Democratic National Committee, the Team Clinton campaign, and the mainstream media, I have left the Democratic Party and I will not rejoin it unless it is massively reformed.

Why? Because the ends do not always justify the means.

Even when a party and a candidacy must do battle with such societal symptoms as a cranky septuagenarian socialist or a would-be fascist narcissist chauvinist abuser looking to settle some scores, it does not give that party or candidacy free reign to do whatever it takes to cure those symptoms. Especially when the disease that brought about such symptoms was the loss of the public trust. Unfortunately, the DNC, HFA and the MSM exacerbated the spread of this disease. And the demonstrated lack of contrition about the wikileaks release of such documents showing this collusion, and then doubling down by blaming the Russians without documenting the proof, speaks to these people’s complete lack of responsibility, lack of self-respect, and lack of respect for voters.

As for the horserace, I’m concerned. With the revelation that Donald Trump (aka Plantar Fascist) may not recognize the election results as legitimate, regardless of the outcome, he may very well have ensured that there will be physical conflicts at polling stations around the nation on election day.

Worse, I think the media is vastly underselling Trump’s chances of victory, and the Clinton landslide narrative may keep potential anti-Trump voters away from the polls.

I fear for the future.

Perhaps, after 240 years as a nation, we are going to be forced to acknowledge that all of the inside baseball, the backroom deals, the legalized bribery, and the utter contempt for much of the citizenry has a downside.

Perhaps, after several decades, the corporatists war on the American people will finally bring us what they’ve always wanted: a “self-funded” dictator, something I’ve worried about becoming a reality since 1992.

Perhaps people are so divided due to technological buffers and constant bombardment of messaging that we can no longer communicate ideas effectively. I learned this firsthand when, after the first general election debate, I was critical of both candidates, only to be labeled as a sexist by facebook friends for speaking ill of Bill and Hill.

If you think Team Clinton hasn’t been warned that the general electorate isn’t on their side, the brand strategists say otherwise:



I know that’s fuzzy and difficult to read document. Email me if you want to see it more clearly. In a nutshell, this document says that this election is going to be close.

According to Hillary Clinton’s brand manager Benenson Strategy Group, she is favorably viewed by “12% of non-partisan voters”. That’s horrendous.

Even more chilling are the last two sentences:

“On a disturbing note, some 70% of Republican-leaning voters are aware of bussed-in voting, false-face operations, and dead-man’s party registration drives. This may necessitate severe strategy changes for November.”

  • Above Photo/Quotation are from a Benenson Strategy Group “Salvage Program” communication that was published over Twitter, re: telephone polling that BSG conducted on October 10-13, 2016.

The media narrative is that a Clinton victory is a near certainty.

My narrative is this: Trump can win if he takes all the usual Republican strongholds and then runs the table of:

Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Colorado.

Is that so far fetched? We shall see.

Trump campaigned in Pennsylvania and Virginia today. Clinton campaigned in Pennsylvania today.

This is not what should be happening if Clinton is on the way to a landslide.

In Hans Christian Anderson’s folktale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” what is always remembered is that a child points out, contrary to an agreed upon “reality,” that the Emperor, in fact, has nothing on.

What is often forgotten is that immediately after that, the boy’s father states, “Have you ever heard such innocent prattle?” and while the crowd ultimately feels emboldened enough to agree with the child, the Emperor shivers, suspects that the people are right about his apparel, but continues with the procession, more proudly than before, and noblemen hold his fake train higher than before.

This election, like this story, is the ultimate expose on the illusion of nobility and it has shined a light on the lunacy of groupthink.

That said, any modern version of the story would now absolutely need to include the part where the Emperor returns to his castle, and he has a strategy meeting with his noblemen, who immediately go about smearing the boy as delusional and label the boy’s family as perverted.

I Am a Junkie Who Feels The Bern…

Some people say they have “an addictive personality.” Why do they have to wrap it up in pretty words? Especially when the fact of the matter is, and you might as well just say it, you are a junkie.

A purveyor of junk. A consumer of junk. Whether that junk be porn or drugs or TMZ or whatever — I think we’re all junkies to some degree, and I have to own my junkie-ness…

For me, I was a junkie who was really into reveling in my own insecurities. I’d throw myself into books and films, which then of course soon threw me into sex and drinking/drugs. I sure as hell couldn’t BE Hunter S. Thompson, but I sure as hell could live like him and pretend like I could write like him. And man, I was on the prowl for that sex and those drugs whenever I could get them. That thing never goes away, but today I feel as if I’ve moved on from that stuff.

But the essence of the junkie is too fill up life with something that gets you off, in some sort of way.

I am a junkie. And now my junkie-ness revolves around politics, in particular, presidential elections. The great horse race to see who will lead the free world. I can trace when I became a junkie for this, and it started back 30 years ago probably, and it’s just gotten worse.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I was a big Obama supporter back in 2008. I was early to that party. Heck, I emailed him before he announced that he was running for President. I urged him to run. I made a point to explain why, logically, he could win, that the country WAS ready to elect him.

I was a precinct captain for the campaign, and I was heavily involved in the democratic primary vs. Hillary. God we wanted to beat her so much. And the Democratic establishment combined with her campaign people, they were at first bemused by, and then HATED us after Iowa. We were ruining Hillary’s coronation. We called people. I organized people. We called Iowans and New Hampshire-ans, and Nevadans and Georgians and Kansans like mad. I set up meet ups on “”. It was fun and I felt compelled to make a difference. And what a battle it was to win the democratic primary (more than the general election.)

I took his primary loss in California personally, even though I was proud that I delivered the votes in my precinct (which polled +15 for Hillary at the beginning of the primary season, and became a +3 Obama win – largely by me convincing LGBT voters to become volunteers, because Obama was on their side, more so than Hillary – I’m glad that at the very least, Obama followed through and has been the most gay-friendly President ever.)

The 2008 democratic primary was the battle to end all battles. For the soul of America. We were either going to change the world, or The Man (in the form of Hillary) would continue to rule over us. It was change that we could believe in, and while I’m not too sure if even Obama himself is pleased with the overall changes that came as a result of his Presidency, one thing I’m sure of is that Obama’s 2008 campaign was a massive amount of work and we were driven to make Barack Hussein Obama the next President.

AND… Yes, we did. Perhaps the most effective and most important campaign team ever assembled. PROOF that the grassroots can win. And I was on the front lines.

And after that, after he won, I thought I was done. Could it really get better? I mean, it’s really all about the horse race for me. And that was the best one.

The rest? What comes after the election? What’s that? I’m probably what’s wrong with America. Because I’m of the opinion that if you elect someone to be a representative, then it’s their job to represent the people’s best interests, not to tell the people, “okay, well done, now it’s on you to make sure that what you want gets accomplished…” which was basically the crux of Obama’s inaugural speech. I was like, Huh? What about you going and doing your job for us, Barack? You know, us, the people who did such an amazing job getting you elected?

Anyway…. here comes 2016. And as a junkie, I’m going to break it down for all ya’ll.

On the Republican side, 3 serious candidates. Bush, Rubio and Kasich. I’d say Bush is 40%, Rubio 35% and Kasich 25%. Very tight. Whoever wins between Bush and Rubio will most likely make Kasich his VP, and if Kasich wins the nomination, he’ll probably pick Bush (if he’d take it) and if not Bush, then probably Christie. Everyone is all pumped up about Donald Trump and Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina, but they can’t win. They have zero chance. Yes – ZERO chance. Cruz? Paul? Less than zero chance. Graham, Pataki, and the others? Less of a chance than Cruz or Paul.

Only Bush, Rubio or Kasich give the Republicans a chance at the Presidency, and the party elite know this. Rubio probably offers the best chance to win the general election, a kind of “Republican Obama” that should scare the shit out of the Democrats. It’d be a pretty interesting upset victory, but I think the Republicans are so sick of losing the general election, that I think they’re going to go with Rubio.

On the Democratic side, you’ve got a big favorite: Hillary 2.0. I don’t know. I’m just not excited about this. Still, she’s at least a 2-1 favorite for the nomination. I’d put Bernie Sanders as about a 6-1 shot, and if Biden runs, he’s probably 8-1. After that, I put Martin O’Malley as a 25-1 shot. Not impossible because people will like him, but I think a lot, like everything, has to go just right for O’Malley (even more so than has already happened.) Jim Webb, I’d put him at 60-1, a huge long shot, but if he can impress and inspire the first time he’s seen nationally, far more than the other guys, then who knows? Weirder things have happened (aka Michael Dukakis or Walter Mondale.)

Gun to my head, I have to bet on one, then I’m feelin the Bern to win the Demo nomination. I’d put my money on him and his grassroots team. He’s got the money to compete and a message that the Millennial generation wants to hear (they gravitate toward paternal figures, they sort of latch on to them, because a parent will take care of you, and Millennial’s don’t mind someone else taking care of them, in fact they prefer it.) Bern’s as right on the issues as anyone. You could talk to Bern about music, or films, or beer, or football, and you know it’d be a really good conversation. Can you really say this about Hillary? I’m not saying that this SHOULD be the criteria, but this criteria, to a large degree, IS the criteria, right or wrong.

However – Bern’s a socialist, and that means your key battleground states are going to be VERY tough (Nevada, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania) for him to win in the general.

So if it’s Bern vs. Rubio, Clinton vs. Rubio, Bern vs. Bush, or Bern vs. Kasich, I’m sorry to say it, I think all of those ways, we’re getting a Republican next. If it’s Clinton vs. Bush or Kasich, then I think the Democrats eke out a win.

And I’m going to lap up all of the stories and debates and poll numbers because, yeah…I’m still not over it. I want to see who wins the big horse race for the keys to the free world. I know it’s all just a bunch of junk, because why?

Because I am a junkie…