The Trumpenfuror: America Goes Gaga For Fascism

So here we are, 24 hours since some 120 million American people voted and, as can be viewed in my previous posts, my dire warnings notwithstanding, the Presidential Horserace finished with the result that I suspected since the conventions: Plantar Fascist was the winner over Hillarious by a neck.

Donald J. Trump, the up to his eyeballs in debt, “billionaire” income tax avoider, is now the 45th President of the United States of America.

Fear and loathing does not adequately describe the mood of the populace at this point in time. I’d say the more appropriate depiction is one of part desperation, part euphoria, part confusion, with some fear and loathing thrown in for good measure.

I do think that 11/9 will go down in history as a day to mark the cataclysmic shift to the “alt-right” which I think of as the “control-alt-delete” in that they want to turn off all progress, they want to shut down any sort of tolerance – they want to reboot by getting “their jobs” back, they want Mexicans and the Muslims out of America, they want to rub the elites’ and celebrities’ faces into the piss-soaked Nerf ball that is their dogma.

They want everybody who wasn’t a part of their redneck revolution to shit themselves instead of stand up to them when they commit acts of bigotry.

They want to live in some delusion of what they perceive the past was.

The alt-right is just American neo-nazis normalized, and these shitbags feel emboldened to physically confront anyone that they judge wasn’t a supporter of their leader, the Trumpenfuror, who refuses to condemn the attacks of the last 24 hours being levied in his name, nor does he condemn the KKK parades today celebrating his victory.

The first thing that must be understood here is, America has taken a turn toward the fascist. It doesn’t mean we’re all the way there yet, but the legal framework and foundation are set for political opponents to be incarcerated.

The second thing that must be understood here is, blame can be cast in a million directions, but whoever’s ultimately responsible is nearly irrelevant because our future is either 4 years under an insecure authoritarian; or, if he’s impeached, some portion of that under a truly skeevy reactionary who’s claim to fame is wanting to enact legislation forcing women who’ve had abortions to attend a “funeral” for the aborted fetus.

Wages have gone nowhere for 20 years. The one percent have gotten that much more one percenty, otherwise, the economy has pretty much sucked. Did Team HRC realize that when Lady Gaga and Jay Z were doing concerts at her rallies? Meanwhile, black people are getting gunned down by cops, some of them shot right in the back, and no one goes to jail when the courts hear the case. Citizens United makes the buying of candidates and bribery perfectly legal. The Patriot Act states that anyone ACCUSED of being a terrorist can be locked up, indefinitely, without access to an attorney, as an enemy combatant.

And now there’s a full-on candyass insecure narcissist who needs to be the lead of every single news cycle, who lives in a gold tower, who acts as if he’s going to help us all out by doing us the favor of being our President.

Believe him. He’s going to do great. Just ask him.

As Chuck D said, we gotta fight the powers that be.

However, if I act as an enemy combatant to all this WINNING, will it matter?

I guess it’s time to find out.

This Trump thing is mystery meat. The question is: is it turkey bologna? Filet mignon? Chicken sausage? Dried tiger blood sausage? Spam?

I think it’s moldy Mussolini-style mortadella, and I think we may get sick from it.

Good luck to us all.

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