Presidential Horserace Update: Plantar Fascist Leads Hillarious by 1/2 Length

So the swift, brutal and crushing blow, somehow, has yet to be delivered in the 2016 Presidential Campaign. However, maybe, just maybe, the blow delivered by the Democratic National Committee to Bernie Sanders WILL be what decides this election. By demanding Sanders’ utter capitulation, ignoring their own rule-breaking douchebaggery with nary one real apology (which would’ve indicated their desire to change the culture, which clearly, they don’t think they need to do) they basically flipped off the independent / youth movement that Sanders activated.

And now they very well may have handed the Presidency to Donald J. Trump.

Sanders, to his credit, did pull out the best “I’m cheerleading for Hillary” act that he could muster. It was hard to watch. Not because the man lost, but because of HOW he lost, and what he was then forced to do. We shall see how much surrogacy Bern does, or how many rallies for Hillary he sponsors. No matter what he does, to the Hillarites out there, it will never be enough. And no matter how many rallies or surrogacy appearances Bernie does, I have to think, those aren’t with her will not be swayed from this point forward.

Bernie really deserved better. And when Sarah Silverman twisted the knife in Bernie’s supporters backs by saying they were “being ridiculous,” that, for many, was truly the last line of bullshit they were willing to hear from the Democractic party about unification.

What a shitshow. It’s insane that all of this self-inflicted Democratic Party damage could be fatal. All it will take is a Trump win and for the Democratic Party to subsequently blame Bernie. This would be so twisted and revisionist that it would be nothing less than a national tragedy.

Sanders, for my money, was the obvious better choice to beat Trump. I guess those SuperDelegates really don’t have a purpose except to conspire with each other to install “THEIR nominee.”

Act with impunity. Rules be damned. These are mottos both Trump and The Democrats believe.

The Democrats are All In With Her, and they have been since well before the Iowa caucuses. They’re still exceedingly pleased with their choice of course, even though they’ve alienated millions of younger voters in the process and generally pissed off a bunch of the more independent folks in the Democratic Party. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Just ask any in the Democratic Party and they will tell you that 90% of Sanders’ supporters are voting for Hillary.

They are obviously lying. The question is, are they lying to themselves too?

The horserace is the horserace. At this point, it’s just a matter of who’s got the endurance, the strength, the follow through, and the tactics to seal this deal with the American people.

It many ways, it’s difficult to believe that the general election has JUST started, and that the Convention resets have occurred. It means that the horserace is nearing the 3/4 pole, and by my math & accompanying observations, Donald J. Trump (if he were a horse, I’d name him Plantar Fascist) leads Hillary R. Clinton (if she were a horse, I’d name her Hillarious) by about 1/2 length, still anyone’s race, in horserace terms. Don’t slap me with your polls, or your surveys, or Nate Silver’s increasingly wacky five thirty-eight. No.

I’ve been watching these races for far too long, and, to my dismay, Plantar Fascist is leading. Hillarious has never once, in her racing career, effectively closed a comeback bid. The horse has moxie, but is it game to outduel this inexperienced, volatile but surprisingly strong colt?

A horse’s strengths are a horse’s weaknesses as well. By my calculation, Plantar Fascist has utilized his strengths better than Hillarious. This is a horse that’s all about getting in front of you, making you try to catch up to him, and before you know it, you’re frustrated because he just fends you off, again and again. Any kind of overtaking maneuvers are thwarted because this horse, he almost seems too dumb or too crazy to realize that a horse isn’t supposed to try to win every single gallop, let alone win every single race wire-to-wire. So this is what Plantar Fascist’s strength/weakness is. He’s so reactive that it keeps him in the lead. This can be witnessed by the fact that his acceptance speech drew far bigger ratings than the Hillarious address, which, by any measure, should’ve been considered the historic one and the bigger draw.

Hillarious’ strength/weakness is about heart. Does she truly have it? Not sure. She’s not afraid of work, and that’s a good thing, because she has some work to do to win this race. The ground in front of her is choppy, due to poor track conditions laid for her by the DNC/Bernie fiasco. In addition, this horse who leads her is galloping wildly and swerving all over the track to block her. She should easily be able to surpass him, but at this point, she can’t find the path. She’s a smart horse. But are her smarts and experience going to help her overtake this wild horse? This stupid, talented, schizo horse that is so unpredictable? Hillarious looks hesitant, like she’s trying to calculate the incalculable. If she attempts a pass, will Plantar Fascist just decide to wipe them both out? This is where her heart comes in. If she can reconnect to her own wild horse authenticity, then, this moronic opponent running all over the track, completely untrained, will fall when she shows what she’s truly made of.

She has to play to win. Hillarious can not play “not to lose.”

But right now Team Hillarious is overthinking it all.

They should remember how her stud, The Comeback Kid, won: jobs jobs jobs.

The more I watch of this horserace, the more I see horses that brought a knife to a flame thrower fight. They’ve all fallen to the wayside. Has Hillarious learned from their mistakes?

I’m not sure Team Hillarious realizes just how important it is that they trade in that knife and get a sniper rifle and take this Trumpzilla monster down.

From the beginning, I’ve thought that whoever wins the 2016 Presidential General Election is going to be the jobs horse (hence, why I thought Sanders, horsename: Intrepid Inspiration, was the horse for the DNC to back.)

If the people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, Iowa and Michigan really think that the horse who wins is a horse that’s going to get them a job, then they’ll be on that horse.

Right now, more people are betting on Plantar (because he’s like a wart you can’t get rid of) Fascist (because he represents the first fascist President) for those jobs.¬†And they don’t even care that he IS Plantar Fascist.

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