Crawling, Walking, Running, Flying

I have been too busy to blog, you ask?


But, I feel guilty. So I’m updating things briefly¬†AND while I would like to promise you that I will not just phone this blog entry in, I will do just that, because, when it comes down to it, I’ve got to spend more time writing creative stuff.

Currently there is filming and editing of a single cam tv pilot I wrote, with some pretty awesome talents. My prayer each day is that my ideas & words are good enough to send us to the next level, because I already know that the acting is.

It’s like the greatest fear and the greatest joy mixed into one feeling all of the time, like I’m crawling, walking, running and flying all at once.¬†It’s been a fun journey and no matter how things turn out with the project, I know that there will be so many more projects still to write in the future.

And when I can finally breathe just a little, I’ll blog about something completely different than the big project and not phone it in!


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